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what is WealthBase? Btc-Engine specialise in generating passive returns for our members through Foreign Exchange markets.

I have never traded anything before, do I need experience? Zero experience is required! WealthBase services are geared towards people who have never traded or know very little about trading. After all, isn't it better left to the experts?

What is the risk of losing my money? Btc-Engine traders always trade at a low percentage of the account to minimise risk. We also have specific safeguards in place to reduce risks to investors, such as diversification opportunities and stop loss levels.

Where is my money held? Your trading capital is held at a broker. A broker acts as a gateway to the trading market.. We utilize pepperstone.com who are one of Australia's largest foreign exchange derivatives brokers, Oanda, thinkforex and other secured brokers. Visit our Getting Started section for a more detailed example of how this works. HOW DO I JOIN YOUR GENERAL TRADING ACCOUNT SERVICES? It is very simple. First, you decide a plan to join. Secondly, deposit the minimum amount or the amount on your chosen plan.

WHAT IS THE MINIMUM DEPOSIT? Minimum investment to join Btc-Engine is $1,000. The higher the initial deposited amount, the higher the profit achieved. "CETERIS PARIBUS". HOW MANY TRADES DO YOU PROVIDE DAILY? It depends on your trading plan and market volatility. Approximately 3 to 12 trades daily. Our strategic Algorithm makes very high efficient use of your capital.

WHAT KIND OF ASSETS DO YOU TRADE? We trade almost all Assets but for Big Plans, we trade only on currencies.

HOW OFTEN DO I GET UPDATES? Weekly… We post results through uploading trade clips, screenshots and others. Detailed Reports are sent each week to mails.

HOW ACCURATE ARE YOUR TRADE PREDICTIONS? Our reputation depends on delivering profits to clients\ investors. Our trades generally, are precise and stable leaving 133.7% + profit win ratio. CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY.

WHO IS YOUR RECOMMENDED BROKER? Pepperstone.com, ThinkForex.com and Oando.com

HOW SAFE ARE MY FUNDS? HOW RELIABLE IS YOUR RECOMMENDED BROKER? (A) Absolutely SAFE with WealthBase. (B) Our recommended broker insures every account. If something bad happens, we take out all the money. They are all registered brokers.

PLEASE EXPLAIN WITHDRAWAL PROCESS: In other to withdraw, you will have to provide ID documents such as; drivers license, passport, national| International passport for verification. click the withdraw button and start amount then follow the process. It will take about 5 – 7 working days. IS THERE A MANAGEMENT FEE? Our fee is 27.3% of net accumulated profits only for general managed Account.

WHEN SHOULD I PAY MANAGEMENT FEE? The fee is only due BEFORE you make withdrawal for closing accounts. HOW CAN I UNSUSCRIBED FROM MANAGED ACCOUNT? After 6 months from start management, you can cancel your plan at any time.

WHAT KIND OF METHOD OF DEPOSIT DO YOU ACCEPT? WealthBase accepts BANK WIRE, all others are based on arrangement discussed i.e. may include; bitcoin , pay pal and others.

WHAT SORT OF GUARANTEE IS AVAILABLE? As in every financial organization of this nature, there is no guarantee but we can confidently say that we have given our clients a minimum of 100% profit & more on a monthly basis. It won't change as a result of you joining WealthBase services. "ALWAYS STAY POSITIVE".

DO YOU OFTEN REFER BONUS TO ME? Yes. If you introduce WealthBase to a person or friend, we issue a percentage referral commission prior to the trading plan chosen by the CLIENT\ INVESTOR.

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